About Us

Our Unique Approach

Wales Laser Clinic in Newport, south east Wales, provides a unique and different approach. We pride ourselves on providing the highest professional standard of care and excellence. Our professional therapists offer constant close, personal attention to our clients. 

Located in Charles Street, Wales Laser Clinic offers a range of unrivalled aesthetic laser treatments for both men and women. With a professional friendly environment, our laser clinic offers you an expert service of the highest standard. We combine your beauty needs with the very latest laser technology in south east Wales, ensuring you get optimum results every time.

Our Philosophy

We treat our client as we would like to be treated ourselves, as our services based on Trust, Professionalism and Science.


All clients visiting our clinic for the first time are required to attend a free consultation where our experienced practitioner will examine your need and select the best treatment for you and will recommend a bespoke program to achieve your goals.

We are specialising on non-invasive or minimum invasive treatments. If however our specialists are unable to help a client for a certain difficult skin problem, we will recommend a suitable specialised clinic where you can receive a professional help.


All our treatments provided by qualified medical and aesthetic practitioners. Each practitioner in addition to their qualification has completed a special training courses for every treatment provided in our clinic.

Hygiene is very important part of the cosmetic services; therefore we guarantee our clients a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere in a high standard of the hygienic environment.

Please contact us today and find out how we can help you.

To find out more about the laser treatments available, please contact us to book a consultation.

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