Tattoo and Hair Removal Price Guidelines

We are upfront, open and honest with our treatments and their costs. No treatments will be started without the costs being discussed and prices on this page and others are subject to change. There are no laser tattoo removal machines in the world that will remove a tattoo with one treatment. We will tell you from the start that to remove a tattoo you may need up to 10 treatments. For that reason we offer a reducing price plan.

Prices below for the treatment of a tattoo the size of a palm of a hand or less or hair removal for one area such as face or underarms.

1st treatment £50
2nd treatment £45
3rd treatment and subsequent treatments £40


Up to 5 free treatments may be offered as a good will gesture from the 10th paid session but will be reduced by the number of missed or cancelled appointments. For example if 10th paid session is reached and 3 sessions have been missed or cancelled then patient will be offered remaining 2 free sessions.


Price for the treatment of a tattoo the size of your open hand or less or Hair removal one large area such as lower leg or arm.

1st treatment £100
2nd treatment £90
3rd treatment £80
4th treatment £70
5th treatment £60
6th treatment and subsequent treatments £50


Hair removal: per session

1 area = upper leg, lower leg, upper leg, back, chest, stomach, face

1st Session £50

2nd session £45

3rd session £40

4th session £35

5th sessions £30

6th and subsequent sessions £25


Thread vein removal

£50 per session

Botox treatments – £180,£200, £220 for 1,2,3 areas.

For further information on prices and to book appointments then email, ring us or find us on Facebook.


Botox to help underarm sweating: £300 for both underarms

Lip enhancements / dermal fillers

£140 0.5ml

£200 1ml

Missed appointment or cancellation within 48 hours:

If an appointment is missed, cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of the original appointment time then you may be asked to pay up to the full price of the next treatment session to secure the new appointment. Refunds will not be given unless agreed by the clinical director.