This is one of the most common questions we get asked at Wales Laser Clinic. The answer is it can do. Many describe the pain like having a tattoo applied in the first place while others describe the sensation just like an elastic band being hit on the skin. As Wales Laser Clinic is a doctor led clinic we have the options of reducing the discomfort in a number of ways. The first is using the cryocooler machine. This is an expensive machine that blows out very cold air and reduces the sensation in the skin temporarily so that pain is kept to a minimum. The next option is to have a local anaesthetic cream applied so that the skin becomes numb to the pain. This can also be done by injection by a doctor. Of course there is always the option of just getting the tattoo removed without these methods and many say that any discomfort is for such a short space of time that they would prefer “to just get on with it”. If you would like more information then contact us at or email us at, or ring us on 01633214674

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