A common question is: ‘What sort of scar does it leave?’ as if this is something you need to put up with if you’re having a tattoo removed.

The beauty of Q-Switch laser tattoo removal, is that the risk of scarring is incredibly low if you’re using medical-grade equipment and are being treated by someone who has had proper training such as at Wales Laser Clinic.

Using a Q-Switch laser breaks down the tattoo into particles much smaller than the original clumps of pigment, which means that the white blood cells in your body can remove it naturally. This means that scarring is very rare following laser tattoo removal. That’s not to say that side-effects are unheard of.

The lack of regulation in the UK means there are people out there who are using very cheap, imported equipment, without any appropriate training. But even when using high-spec equipment, it’s not guaranteed that you won’t encounter side effects. You may see pigment changes in the skin for example (especially if you have darker skin) but these are not usually permanent.

If you want to remove your tattoo then contact us at Wales Laser Clinic. If we can’t remove your tattoo then non one will.


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